VIDEO: North Kesteven votes to Leave EU in referendum

Vote Leave campaigners celebrate topping the poll in North Kesteven. EMN-160624-044125001
Vote Leave campaigners celebrate topping the poll in North Kesteven. EMN-160624-044125001

As the vote leave the European Union edges ahead across the UK as a whole, residents in North Kesteven have voted to leave the European Union by a 62.2 per cent majority.

Returning officer Ian Fytche declared the result shortly after 3.30am this morning (Friday).

The figures were:

42,183 to Leave and 25,570 to Remain, with 38 spoilt ballot papers.

A cheer went up from the Vote Leave campaigners at North Kesteven Sports Centre as the figures were officially announced.

John Dilks, local UKIP chairman said: “The count here has gone very well and I think Lincolnshire as a whole will go well.

“The referendum has been a lot closer than I thought it would and if the Remain campaign wins by a small majority - which is possible - it should make the Gods in Brussels think twice about pushing us into a United States of Europe.”

Former UKIP candidate for the Sleaford and North Hykeham parliamentary seat, Rodger Doughty added: “It is looking more and more positive for us as the day comes closer with big wins in Sunderland, Wales and the middle of England.”

The agent for the Remain campaign declined to comment.

Returning officer Ian Fytche said, from an administrative point of view, it had gone extremely smoothly.

He said: “The team have done an amazing job. From the project management to the people in the count and polling stations I am proud of what they have done. Each time we run these things it gets better and better.”

He admitted there had been challenges such as the two day extension to the deadline for voter registration, but they coped. The high turn out was also a challenge due to weight of numbers demanding more work but he took it as a positive with so many engaged in the process and his team managed to deliver.