VIDEO - Turn-out strong for big election debate at church

Sleaford-area residents had a chance to learn more about what the five candidates running in the General Election in this constituency stand for at a hustings event staged by Sleaford parish church.

Chaired by the Vicar of Sleaford the Rev Phillip Johnson, the event took place on Sunday night when a good turn-out of about 275 attended to hear a series of questions submitted by the public answered by Stephen Phillips (Conservative), Jason Pandya-Wood (Labour), Matthew Holden (Liberal Democrat), Coun Marianne Overton (Lincolnshire Independents) and Steven Hopkins (UKIP).

Questions were put to them on a range of topics including defence spending and the continuation of Trident, dealing with Government debt, local government and health service pressures, immigration and its effect on the job market and minimum wage, and what influence they would have on local planning issues and whether they believed in having a second job while in office. Each was also given a chance to speak about themselves and why people should vote for them.

* See today’s Sleaford Standard to read how the candidates put in their own words why you should vote for them on May 7.