Popular Sleaford restaurant closed today - but will reopen

One door shuts ... but another will open.
One door shuts ... but another will open.

Bosses at a popular Sleaford eaterie have today (Thursday) announced they have been forced to close the No20 Restaurant and Tapas Bar.

A post on Facebook says the closure was forced upon them due to problems with a lease and failure to negotiate continued use of the building.

But the business will be back in a different shop by Friday, August 21.

The post on Facebook says: “No20 is now history!!!

“However not all bad news looking to the positive side we have signed a new deal on the wine bar at the front of the EDS ( Eat, Drink, Sleep) building just down the road towards the centre of town.

“We will recreate the ambience we delivered at No20 in a slightly smaller way but deliver the experience with just as much enthusiasm if not more.

“Some of our team is moving with us, Amanda our chef along with Jessica her second chef in the kitchen.

“Sam and Joe our cheeky cocktail barmen will be mixing our famous cocktails for you once more!

“We would like to thank all of our customers for their support and loyalty over the past 5 months, you guys have made No20 happen for us and we sincerely hope you will join us in our new venture.”

The post continues: “El Toro like the Phoenix will rise from the ashes and will be ready for our opening night on Friday 21st August.

“Once again thanks for your custom you guys are awesome and we love you all.

“We are happy in the knowledge that we shut the doors whilst it was a success and turning a profit after just 5 months.

“We will keep you updated and look out for this page to change to El Toro.”