Residents call for age restriction to be kept

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Residents have been petitioning against an application to remove an age restriction on occupants of a property warning it could ruin their neighhourhood.

Heckington resident John Bennett, who lives in Osborn Way, spoke out at last week’s parish council meeting on Monday on behalf of others who were concerned about an application to do away with the original age limit set for retirement bungalows on the street which only allowed the occupants to be 55 years or older.

He said residents had bought or chosen to rent their properties on the basis of that restriction for their own amenity.

It was explained the applicant has bought number 14 and proposes to retire there with his adult son, therefore requiring the age limit to be altered. But there was also a suggestion that the property might be rented out.

Mr Bennett said it would set a precedent which could lead to more and more of the bungalows losing their ‘over 55s only’ status having similar implications on neighbouring streets of Church View Close and Churchill Way. Mr Bennett added there was limited parking space already as many residents also needed spaces for visiting carers and nurses.

A 57-name petition has been handed in to the parish council. The parish council sided with the residents in calling on NKDC for the age restriction to stay as there was a demand for those kind of bungalows locally.