Residents near Ancaster blaze describe being woken by sirens, tannoys and smell

Ash sent us these dramatic photos of the fire near Ancaster
Ash sent us these dramatic photos of the fire near Ancaster

Residents near to the huge fire in Ancaster have been advised using police tannoys to keep their windows shut.

Ancaster resident Darron Alton was woken in the early hours by the sound of sirens and a police tannoy telling people to shut their windows.

“With the weather being quite warm people have had their windows open overnight,” he said. “It must have been about four-ish when I heard a lot of police sirens and then a tannoy.

“To be honest I thought I was dreaming and I tried to get back to sleep, but then at around 5.30am they started coming around again telling people to close their windows because there had been a severe fire. And then the smell woke you up.

He added: “Where the place is on Barkston Heath you can see a big dark plume of smoke which is coming all the way down. It’s being blown in our direction by the wind.”

Many nearby homeowners have also taken to social media describing their experiences and with photos of the fire.

The fire is causing long traffic delays with the High Dyke currently closed between the A153 Willoughby Road junction and the Heath Lane junction.