Residents’ parking plea

As of Monday, Lincolnshire County Council will be taking over responsibility for parking enforcement in the town, and residents of a Sleaford street are appealing for leniency.

At present, Handley Street has on-street parking for up to one hour between 8am and 6pm, and up until now, parking wardens have turned a blind eye for those who live on the street and park there.

But now parking wardens will be cracking down on those who leave their cars in the bays for more than an hour.

Handley Street resident Chris Middleton is appealing to North Kesteven District Council for a residents only parking scheme on the street as he sometimes works night shifts and would have to leave his car on the road during the day.

A spokesman for NKDC said: “People need to make requests for schemes to be introduced in their area, and that they are anticipating one to come in from Handley Street and once it arrives, we will hold a consultation with the wider neighbourhood to assess the impact.”