Round Table group launch SHOCK initiative

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The latest news in your area

Sleaford and District Round Table are launching a new community defibrillator fundraising project.

SHOCK Sleaford will be the organisation’s 2015-16 community project, and a permanent feature of their local fundraising.

Round Table chairman Christian Slingsby explained: “The aim of SHOCK Sleaford is to get as many defibrillator units in Sleaford and its surrounding villages as possible, to make Sleaford one of the safest places to live in the country should you be unlucky enough to go into cardiac arrest.”

Mr Slingsby explained that after a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillation reduces someone’s chance of survival by 10 per cent.

They are being supported by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), who are helping promote SHOCK Sleaford and providing training for each and every unit that they manage to install.

Regular additional training would be there for locals, schools, sports teams and community groups wishing to learn about the units and CPR.

All units installed will be linked to the ambulance service on its computer system, where 999 operators will be able to direct those in need to the nearest unit as soon as possible. By installing identical units to the ones used by EMAS, ‘hand over’ processes are quicker and easier saving valuable time in the treatment of a patient.

The first fundraising event will be at Sleaford Carnival on Sunday and Oktoberfest (September 19-20).

You can help by pledging to look after a unit, suggesting a location for a unit or helping raise money for purchase and installation.

Wrist bands and pin badges will be available for sale locally. Local businesses, sports clubs or community groups could units to be put on the outside of their buildings, donate money, or even selling teh fundraising products.

Mr Slingsby said: “By promoting SHOCK Sleaford we hope to raise awareness of what to do when confronted by a person suffering from a cardiac arrest. Our web site will have a map listing all locations of the units, who takes care of the unit, who helped fund it and useful links to CPR information and defibrillator unit instructions, not to replace proper training, but for information.”

A mobile phone ‘app’ is to be launched too.

Visit or Facebook SHOCK Sleaford or Twitter @SHOCKSleaford

For further information or to offer support, contact Christian Slingsby on 07904 160096.