Ruskington governors agree to join schools' partnership

THE governing body of Coteland's School in Ruskington has agreed to join the Sleaford Schools' group.

The other schools in the group are The Aveland High School at Billingborough, St George’s College of Technology in Sleaford and The Lafford High School, Billinghay.

A spokesman said: “The group is working towards Academy status, but the arrangements already provide several advantages for the children in the area.

“The group share management and leadership and decide on curriculum opportunities together, so that the choice available for the children meets the demands of the 14-19 curriculum. The number of subjects schools are now obliged to offer means that schools across the country are joining forces in order to be able to make an exciting curriculum for 14-19 year olds a reality.

“The schools in the group share common standards and each school has an educational leader based at their site. Ruth Kelly will be leading educational developments at the Coteland’s site. The group has meant that greater opportunities are available not only for children but also for staff, who can now work within a larger group with greater career opportunities.

“At a time of falling rolls across the county the efficient use of resources is now even more critical and the partnership between the schools allows that to happen.”

Coteland’s will continue to have children from 11 -16.