Save on household bills using new scheme

Energy news
Energy news

As the autumn and winter months get closer, residents are encouraged to use the Lincolnshire Energy Switch Scheme.

The scheme has helped thousands of people save £800,000 between them off their household bills by seeing them team up to secure the best deal from energy suppliers.

Leave your details at, and once the registration period is complete you will be sent an email or letter with the potential savings you can make.

This leaves homeowners with the decision of either sticking with current providers or switching.

Anyone is eligible to register whether you are renting or a home owner.

All that you need is your annual gas, electricity or bills statement covering the last 12 months.

Karen Lond who leads on the scheme on behalf of the county’s local authorities said: “Temperatures may be dropping as the leaves start to turn brown but that’s no reason not to keep the heat up on checking your energy prices.”

Registration closes on October 11.