Self-help scheme to clear winter snow


A self-help scheme to keep paths clear this winter is being developed for the Heckington area.

The initiative, nicknamed Snowcat 1, is being led by Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) Sleaford area chairman David Simpson, of Heckington.

It will see groups of resident volunteers from watch areas being supplied with bags of salt and a snow shovel to clear the path outside their house and drive and a little way beyond.

Mr Simpson explained at the latest Heckington Parish Council meeting that a similar scheme has just started where his son lives in Knebworth.

He said: “I have spoken to North Kesteven District Council and the county council and my aim is to centre it starting on Heckington, based on the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators, asking people if they would like to join in.

“Then we would take the names and bid for the snow shovels from the councils to distribute.”

He has contacted his co-ordinators alerting them too.

Each group would get 40kg of salt and a shovel free (only NHW members eligible). To sign up email:

Heckington Parish Council had previously managed to clarify matters after the last period of snowy weather so that the village caretaker was authorised to use the county council salt bins, along with householders on paths in front of their homes.

There had been concerns about liability over clearing public paths outside of homes, but that has now been dismissed. The groups, under this scheme, would be insured by both the county council and Neighbourhood Watch, as long as they had been careful, members heard.

Chairman of the parish council Coun Richard Higgs said: “The idea is very good.”