Sleaford-based ghost hunter up for an award for his radio show

Ghost hunter Thomas Warrington of Sleaford up for a radio award. EMN-170918-185542001
Ghost hunter Thomas Warrington of Sleaford up for a radio award. EMN-170918-185542001

A ghost hunter from Sleaford is to be a guest speaker at a national convention on the paranormal, as well as being in the running for an award for his radio show.

Thomas Warrington, 33, is a senior quality controller for Sleaford Quality Foods by day, but by night he runs a weekly digital radio show and podcasts on the supernatural.

He held a 24-hour ‘paranormal lockdown’ charity event last year and is now an avid writer for national paranormal magazines.

He explained: “I also host The Pure Paranormal Radio Show which launched in November last year. The show has escalated to have international recognition, which was totally unexpected. I have international guests every Tuesday which are known and unknown in the paranormal field such as stars from Most Haunted, well-known authors and film makers.”

He is due to speak at Britain’s biggest paranormal convention, Paraforce UK, on September 30 and October 1 at Cressing Temple Barns, in Essex.

“It is going to be very strange, I’m used to giving talks but not on this scale,” Thomas said. “There are quite a lot of speakers attending and a few international stars from TV shows like Ghosthunters International.

“My radio show will be covering the whole weekend.”

Thomas is shortlisted for the Paranormal Radio Show of the Year award to be announced at the event on the Sunday.

The show broadcasts online on Tuesdays via Pulse Talk Radio, based in the Isle of Wight, although Thomas hosts it from his home office.

He said: “The radio show reaches an average 1,000 listeners a day, increasing because people can listen on demand.”

After all his investigations around the UK, Thomas admits to being a sceptic about the phenomena having begun as ‘a believer’, admitting:

“I believe it is more a human element than a spiritual one.”