Sleaford Town Awards - Junior Sports Individual of the Year nominee Fiona Lucas

Fiona Lucas. EMN-170303-140041001
Fiona Lucas. EMN-170303-140041001

A nominee for our Junior Sports Individual of the Year category in the Town Awards is Kesteven and Sleaford High School girl Fiona Lucas.

For four years, the 15-year-old has been a member of Nottingham Synchronised Skating Academy (NSSA) and has competed with various teams throughout the UK and Europe.

Synchronised ice teams comprise up to 16 skaters and undertake a series of complicated and technical moves, requiring high levels of skill, fitness and artistic interpretation.

Fiona trains up to four times a week, at weekends and evenings. She said: “It is hard to juggle school and skating sometimes but it is fun to do something different.”

In the British Championships, Fiona’s team, the Icicles, skated two near perfect routines, one being the highest British Junior score ever, to become British Synchro Champions.

They featured in the recent CBBC series Icestars and will represent Great Britain at the junior world championships at Mississauga, Canada on March 10-11.