Space station to be viewable in UK skies

International Space Station. Photo by Matthew Mallows
International Space Station. Photo by Matthew Mallows

Clear skies could mean the International Space Station (ISS) is viewable from areas of Lincolnshire during April.

The ISS will be flying over UK skies with some evening passes this month, the above photo by Matthew Mallows is one picture already caught of it.

A statement on Meterowatch said: “The ISS is the largest Space Station/ laboratory ever built, it can be spotted with the naked eye at certain times as it orbits Earth at 17500mph at an altitude of roughly 200 miles.

“Spotting the station is very easy and you don’t need any special equipment. You only need your eyes!

“Check out the Beginners Guide to Seeing the ISS to learn how easy it is to spot sailing over and the Beginners Guide to Photographing the International Space Station (ISS).”

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