Spicy dish crowned hottest by TV show

The spice is right ... Muhammed Karim (left) with Omid Djalili.
The spice is right ... Muhammed Karim (left) with Omid Djalili.

A fiery dish at a restaurant in Sleaford has been declared the hottest of the hot on a TV programme fronted by comedian Omid Djalili.

The Widower, the creation of Muhammed Karim, owner of Bindi, in Southgate, out-spiced all contenders on Quest’s new extreme food series Hot and Dangerous on Friday.

The programme saw stand-up comedian Omid Djalili set out on a spice odyssey to get to the bottom of the UK’s obsession with fiery dishes and find its hottest dish.

As part of the show, researchers at Oxford University declared The Widower to be five times hotter than its nearest rival - and 20 times hotter than a madras.

Djalili’s first encounter with the dish saw him only manage one spoonful, which he had to spit out as the chilli peppers took hold. This was despite initially a ‘very nice taste’, he said.

“As the fire developed I couldn’t keep it in my mouth any longer and it had to go out,” he said on the show.

The experience saw his heart rate climb from a resting 77 beats per minute to 135.

He said he felt as though he had taken a bite of a ‘supernova sun’, describing it as ‘unbelievably hot’ and his mouth and tongue were ‘absolutely on fire’.

“I can hardly speak”, he told Muhammed after trying the dish.

He would, however, fare better on his second serving where he managed to eat more of the dish than a chilli reviewer.

The dish was launched in 2010, having been created with the help of Grantham’s chilli producer Fire Foods.

It comprises 20 super hot Infinity chillis plus 10 finger chillis, five Scotch bonnets, chilli powder and chilli extract.

Muhammed said it was ‘amazing’ to have come first in the producers’ search for the fieriest dish out there.

He said The Widower attracts people from around the world to the area, saying that about 2,000 people have tried it since it was launched and that they tend to bring a group with them. He added that the restaurant has also received bookings on the back of the show.

He said: “We have reservations coming in from all over the country, as far away as Scotland, London and Wales.”