St George's College opens new building

Tuesday, 2.30pm. A SLEAFORD college has opened a new building aimed at teaching more vocational qualifications.

The new building at St George's College is designed to teach local teenagers the Society Health and Development Diploma being launched across the country in September.

St George's is the only establishment in Lincolnshire to be tasked with delivering this work-related diploma in 2008.

Principal Paul Watson said: "This will be the only one with a teaching facility with real life delivery working in it."

The 350,000 block, on a site previously occupied by temporary classrooms, comprises two teaching rooms with a clinical room for practical work and demonstrations.

A children's centre is also incorporated into the building to allow health professionals to work alongside the students.

The building was opened by Dr Derek Chambers, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Director of Education at Nottingham University.

The new children's centre for Sleaford is the latest in a number being established around the county to support families struggling with child care.

The new diploma course is worth 8.5 GCSE's or 3.5 A levels and is already proving very popular with students, who are signing up for September.

Other vocational projects set to follow include a hair and beauty diploma, with real life salon situations and an engineering academy. There are also plans for a swimming pool.

The training rooms will be funded by Government money while the children's centre wing will be funded by local authority cash.