Thank Fireman Sam for 999 call - Alfie Harris - Nominee for Young Sleafordian Award

Alfie Harris. EMN-170303-124437001
Alfie Harris. EMN-170303-124437001

A quick-thinking five-year-old is up for our Young Sleafordian Award, nominated after he bravely dialled 999 to call for help for his unconscious mum.

Alfie Harris is in Year 1 at the William Alvey School and mum Gemma, 30, explained: “I got my foot caught in my jogging bottoms and fell down the stairs while at home getting ready for work last November.

“He heard me cry out his name and opened the door from his room and saw me land at the bottom.”

She said: “He loves Fireman Sam and knows who to call in an emergency. We have told him 999 is the same number for both if someone is hurt, so it is all thanks to Fireman Sam.

“He asked for an ambulance and was speaking to them until I came round and told them my name and where we lived. He told them I was not waking up and not talking. He was so brave and calm.

“The call operator told him to sit near me and he was shaking and pale as I came round, saying ‘Mummy, you wouldn’t speak to me’.

“I had to go on a stretcher with a neck collar, which scared him a bit, but he was absolutely amazing.”

Gemma suffered a neck injury and sore back but has since recovered.

Hero Alfie was singled out for praise at school and naturally received some treats from his family.

Gemma said: “He was a bit shaken at first and wanted to cuddle me and offered to help do things.

“He has been fine about it since, it’s just normal.”