Tony faces a hairy challenge to help employer’s bid to install life-saving equipment for Grantham community

Tony Parslow's hair is shaved off by barber Kaz, of Sleaford.
Tony Parslow's hair is shaved off by barber Kaz, of Sleaford.

An employee of Environcom has got behind the firm’s bid to raise money to install a life-saving automatic external defibrillator (AED).

Tony Parslow, 53, is the Grantham recycling plant’s health and safety officer. He decided to shave off all of his hair to raise money for the piece of equipment, which will be installed on Environcom’s Spittlegate Level premises for use by anyone in the community who needs it.

In addition to it being for a good cause, Tony’s actions were also in support of his wife, Linda, who recently lost her hair due to illness. This also led to Environcom making out a cheque for £630 for Macmillan from the proceeds of a charity fishing match organised by colleague Phil Upcraft.

As well as providing an AED, the plant hopes to provide two trained first responders to cover the local area, who will attend medical emergencies until paramedics arrive.

A spokesman said: “Environcom, through the whole team and all the support from local area businesses, continues towards the commitment to lead in the efforts to raise the vital funds required to supply the local community with its own AED, to be permanently located at the Spittlegate Level complex. The AED will be available 24/7, 365 days a year, and will be of major benefit for the people, the businesses, and the community in general.”

Funds collected following the shave, carried out free of charge at Kaz: Barber of Distinction in Sleaford, plus donations from Environcom’s sister sites, have seen the plant reach the £600 mark so far. Collection boxes at neighbouring businesses will help further towards reaching the £1,200 target. Any additional funds raised will go to the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance and LIVES.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution is asked to call Helen Neal on 01476 564942.