Town set to go back to the movies

Cinema screenings could soon be back in town. EMN-170320-162340001
Cinema screenings could soon be back in town. EMN-170320-162340001

Sleaford looks set to see a cinema revival thanks to volunteers at the town’s theatre.

A few years ago a group called Sleaford Community Cinema was formed to fulfil a call to bring back a movie facility in the town.

Members raised funds for equipment to show films, first at the National Centre for Craft and Design and later at Sleaford Playhouse, however the project faltered a couple of years ago.

Tom Creasey from Sleaford Little Theatre group, which owns and runs the Playhouse, told The Standard he has tried contacting the group to see if they wanted to perhaps merge or work with the Playhouse and Sleaford Little Theatre more closely to revive the project, but after nearly two years of trying he has given up.

He said: “With that in mind, I still think there is a need for a local community cinema project in Sleaford for all ages.

“With the Playhouse and Sleaford Little Theatre’s reputation already established as it stands, and better organisation of publicity and finances, I think it could become very popular amongst Sleafordians and people from other local villages.”

He went on: “As a very active member and trustee of Sleaford Little Theatre I approached the committee and asked their permission to go ahead with the project, and they have initially agreed. I have been testing the equipment and so far everything is in perfect order.

“The equipment is from the old cinema group. They have stored it at the theatre at no cost. The brief contact I have had with their chairman has suggested they may want us to hire it from them which of course we are happy to do.”

His next move is to find out what people want to go and watch. Tom said: “I shall be creating a survey online for people to complete, and then I shall come up with a programme of films to be shown.

“Initially, I am looking to show films once a month and build it up slowly. I have had interest from parents wanting to be able to take their children to see a film during the school holidays, and this is definitely something I want to trial.”

The project has been initially named Sleaford Little Cinema, although that could be revised later.

He wants to press ahead after the annual meeting of Sleaford Little Theatre at the end of this month.

Tom said: “I am keen to be up and running before the end of the year. We’re perhaps looking at July time as an approximation, but nothing is yet set in stone.”

For more information there is a website, Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account.