Drivers needed for car service

Pilgrim Hospital, Boston EMN-190115-141309001
Pilgrim Hospital, Boston EMN-190115-141309001

Heckington Area Voluntary Car Service, which ferries patients in the locality to and from medical appointments, is in need of more drivers.

Demand is increasing with the service having had to take on even more patients from Sleaford area too.

Voluntary drivers commit whatever they want to do. The office coordinators receive requests to take people without access to their own transport for any medical appointment, as well as relatives for hospital visits and collect prescriptions.

It is up to the driver whether they accept the journey. Some drivers dedicate a day a week or do short journeys.

The driver claims 45p per mile for the entire journey. There is a fixed tariff and the HAVCS make up the difference. Any increase in motor insurance is covered too.

Call HAVCS on 01529 460809 or Malcolm Jones on 01529 460345.