Mum’s appeal to find driver after son’s motorcycle crash near Ruskington

Andrew Wilson of Great Hale. EMN-170814-154805001
Andrew Wilson of Great Hale. EMN-170814-154805001

A worried mum is appealing for witnesses or the other driver involved to come forward after her son needed surgery following a motorcycle crash on Saturday.

Andrew Wilson, 42, of Great Hale, was riding his WKZS 125 machine along the country lane between Ruskington Fen and Billinghay when he claims he had to swerve to avoid an oncoming car which did not stop when he crashed off his bike.

Mum Helen Wilson, of Heckington, said: “Apparently Andrew said he was coming round the bend and this car came round and took the bend quite wide. All he can remember is he swerved to miss the car and the next thing he knew he was on the floor. All he can remember of the car was that it was dark coloured.”

However, the car did not stop at the scene, even though Mrs Wilson is convinced the driver would have been aware of the crash. She said: “If you think you have been involved surely a half-decent person would stop and see if you were OK, not just leave somebody there.”

Unemployed Andrew, who has four children and a partner, Melissa, had got the motorbike in order to find work. Now he faces major reconstructive surgery on his arm and shoulder and he also hurt his ankle in the fall that happened in the early afternoon.

Care worker Helen had been called by Melissa following the crash and rushed to the scene where a woman motorist had stopped and called for an ambulance.

Helen said: “I got there and there were three LIVES people with him including a doctor and a nurse. They were cutting his jacket off him and put him on a drip. I grabbed his hand and he said, ‘Mum, don’t worry, I’m fine’, but he wasn’t. Nothing seems to phase Andrew, he is a calm lad but he is in a lot of pain and on morphine.”

The bike had somersaulted and landed in the roadside but ended up with only minor scratches, says his mum.

Helen has appealed via Facebook for the other driver to come forward or be identified and she received numerous well wishes and a message from a woman who stopped at the scene.

“I just want to shed some light on what happened,” she said.

Police confirmed the incident was reported at approximately 2.21pm on Saturday and a spokesman said they were yet to find the other driver.

lCall 101 with any information.