Parking on busy estate road is creating danger

Parking on Rookery Avenue is making it dangerous, says resident Rhett Hayes. EMN-151206-154327001
Parking on Rookery Avenue is making it dangerous, says resident Rhett Hayes. EMN-151206-154327001

A Sleaford resident is among neighbours increasingly concerned about dangerous parking on a busy housing estate road.

The Standard recently highlighted issues with cars travelling at speed approaching and leaving the area of St Botolph’s School on Rookery Avenue, made worse by having to go around parked cars on a bend and meeting vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

Now Rhett Hayes, a resident on Rookery Avenue, has warned that other sections of the road are becoming more dangerous too.

He told the Standard: “The recent planning permission for three dwellings behind the Grantham Road properties at its entrance has resulted in excessive on street parking that is directly opposite to the junction of the Lincolnshire Secure Unit.” (This unit also sees excessive parking spilling onto the road at peak times, potentially adding to the situation).

Mr Hayes went on: “The other problems that have been created are due to over occupancy of rental properties on the street and now we are presented by scenes most evenings where one car is parked on the road and another opposite it parked on the pavement. I personally would park on the same side to reduce the bottleneck. The boy racers that run up and down the streets most evenings will find this a very new, interesting challenge.

“In my 20 years of living on the road I have even seen vehicles mount the kerb at speed to negotiate some of the bends. Now the road has become the main route to a primary school, I am very worried that all of these activities will contribute to an accident involving young children. I think we need double yellow lines across the obvious lines of sight or even speed bumps on this very busy estate.”

He said there ought to be speed bumps as used on some less busy streets, and added that pedestrians crossing near his property are masked from traffic by the parked cars.

Rowan Smith, the county council’s area highways manager, said they had not received any complaints about parking issues on this part of Rookery Avenue.

“We will investigate and monitor the situation, and will also request police advice and attendance if required,” he said.