Progress on speed signage

Local news.
Local news.

Concerns about the speed of motorists in parts of Sleaford are being addressed after The Sleaford Standard raised the matter on its front page last week.

At last Wednesday’s meeting of the Town Council Services Committee, Coun Garry Titmus raised the Community Speed Watch scheme, which is being operated in partnership with the County Council.

The Town Council is to buy a number of interactive digital signs warning drivers when they are going too fast on speeding blackspots.

These can be relocated, backed up by fixed warning signs and the useful traffic trends can be downloaded.

Coun Titmus said: “I am hearing concerns about the speeding in town.”

He referred to the article in The Standard regarding concerns about traffic on Rookery Avenue and outside St Botolph’s School and said that, although the finance and strategy committee had agreed to fund the signage, things had not progressed.

He called for a working group of councillors to work with the clerk, Sheila Scholes, to decide where the signs should be placed and monitored. He said it needed to be done quickly as it had taken too long. Councillors Mark Suffield, Garry Titmus, Keith Dolby, David Suiter and Ken Fernandes will help place the orders for the equipment, liaise with the police and Road Safety Partnership and undergo training in using the signs.