Restrictions to parking

The entrance to the New Life Centre on Mareham Lane. EMN-151007-145801001
The entrance to the New Life Centre on Mareham Lane. EMN-151007-145801001

Highways managers are responding to public concerns that parking around the entrance to a Sleaford church could cause an accident.

Area highways manager, Rowan Smith, said in a letter to Sleaford Town Council: “Following a recent complaint regarding access to and from the New Life Centre on Mareham Lane, and the subsequent investigations looking at the issues, I am now in a position to be able to propose waiting restrictions.

“The manner of the current parking either side of the New Life Centre access has been observed and a number of vehicles park in this area immediately adjacent to the access and for long durations causing visibility issues for vehicles exiting the New Life Centre car park.”

He said waiting restrictions were needed there for the safety of other road users and for improving the general traffic flow.

Rod Munro from the New Life Church welcomed the restricted parking Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm either side of the entrance as well as no parking across their access road. He said: “Mareham Lane is a busy road and we have seen the increase of traffic over the last 11 years since we relocated here.

“There have been some close calls and clearly any incident is one too many.” He said local residents have been offered free space to park on their site during the day, as they often struggle to park near their homes due to other cars owned by drivers working in town.