Survey on Greylees trains

Rauceby EMN-150213-145459001
Rauceby EMN-150213-145459001

Residents in the Greylees area are being asked if they would make use of an increased rail service from Rauceby station.

A Facebook survey is being carried out by the community organisation Greylees Engagement Network following a request from Partnership NK.

It asks residents whether more trains should stop at the minor station now that the housing development has grown and what or when would they use them for.

Luisa McIntosh represents Partnership NK which is a collaboration of partners that work across the district on various projects that support local need. One of the sub groups is the Better Transport Group which looks at different ways in which they can lobby or support improved transport routes. It was this group that instigated the new foot/cycle path between Greylees and the A15.

Mrs McIntosh said: “One of our partner members represents community rail, and he is keen for us to try and state the case for increasing the number of trains that stop at Rauceby station. This could be useful information for us to submit for future rail franchise bids.”

Mrs McIntosh added: “We cannot promise anything, but some franchises are coming up for tender in the coming years and we want to be able to prove a case if there is one for extra train stops at Rauceby.”

She said at present train connections for commuters to and from London are inconvenient.