Trainer’s charity appeal gives help to the homeless

Helping the homeless, Tom Oakley.
Helping the homeless, Tom Oakley.

A personal trainer at Sleaford Leisure Centre has been calling for members of the community to donate clothing to help keep homeless people warm over the Christmas and New Year period.

Tom Oakley requested charitable donations of jackets, socks, thermals, T-shirts and food throughout December to pass on to homeless 

Tom Oakley. EMN-141224-123828001

Tom Oakley. EMN-141224-123828001

In all, 14 bags of clothes were donated to Tom at Sleaford Leisure Centre, in Eastbanks.

Tom then took all the bags to the Nomad Homeless Trust in Lincoln on Christmas Eve and gave out all the clothes to the homeless.

Tom said: “As a personal trainer, I am committed to improving the health and wellbeing of my clients, but I am also very aware of people who will be alone and in the cold at Christmas.”

Matt Stothard, contract manager for Sleaford Leisure Centre, said: “Tom has helped homeless people with donations in previous years, and I’m very supportive of his plans to involve more of the local community at the leisure centre this year.”

He added: “Christmas can be a difficult time for many people and it’s important to recognise that we have a responsibility to help each other, which is exactly what Tom is 

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