Dramatic drop in speeders caught by new cameras

Average speed camera EMN-150412-155909001
Average speed camera EMN-150412-155909001

A new system of average speed cameras installed on one of the Sleaford area’s busiest stretches of road is already having a positive effect, say officials.

The new average speed cameras were installed by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership in September on a 4km stretch of the A15 between Tower Lane and Green Man Lane (between Navenby and Harmston) to reduce the high number of serious collisions on the road.

The £100,000 system replaced two old speed cameras which were due for a digital upgrade.

Communications Manager at the Road Safety Partnership, John Siddle, said, on average, the old cameras caught around 170 speeding drivers each month. He went on: “In the first week of operation of the new cameras we caught 23.”

This equates to a reduction per month of around 46 per cent.

He said: “It is good news in terms of the proportion of drivers who have been compliant.”