‘People are still speeding through village.’

30mph signs at Wilsford.
30mph signs at Wilsford.

A concerned Wilsford resident says that motorists are continuing to speed through the village – despite new speed indicator signs being installed.

Chef Mark Williamson, 53, who lives with his wife and their two teenage children on Town End, says people are still clocking up more than 50mph in the village’s 30mph limit.

Wilsford Parish Council has committed £11,500 to three permanent speed indicator signs to encourage motorists to slow down, alongside £2,156 on mobile devices but Mr Williamson feels some drivers are still flaunting the speed restrictions.

He said: “These speed signs were put up about two months ago but have made no difference. I was out the other day with my son and went up the hill (coming from Ancaster)and saw one driver going 52mph in a 30mph limit. I know he was going that fast because the sign flashed up with his speed. Some people obey them and others treat the road as if it is a race track. It seems to be a ‘badge of honour’ how fast can you go.”

Coun Simon Davey, chairman of Wilsford Parish Council, said the new signs have been put up after ongoing issues with speeding traffic through the village and says the council is continuing to work on the problem.

He said: “It is something that has concerned us. We have a lot of traffic coming on the A153 going through to Sleaford. We have had accidents including a few overturned vehicles.

“We now have three of the permanent speed indicator signs up. There is one as you come down the hill from Ancaster. That has been the most effective. The other as you are coming from Sleaford warns that there is a bend coming up but that has not always triggered so we are speaking to the Highways Department about adjusting the speed at which it triggers. The other is in the centre on Town End road.

“In the past we’ve had people speeding up through Main Street and coming down into School Lane at 50mph. This has been a concern with a lot of children playing outside. This is where we can use the community (mobile) speed indicators which log people’s speed.”

These mobile devices can only be in position for six weeks, then they have to be re-sited for a further three weeks.

Coun Davey added: “There have also been issues with the amount of traffic coming through the village. Wilsford has been here for 1,000 years, before we had these massive lorries coming through.

“I would like to invite the resident (Mr Williamson) to our meetings or to submit his concerns to the council.”

John Siddle, from Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, said: “We are aware that there have been issues in Wilsford. The problem is there is no safe place for us to park our (speed camera) van in the area affected. We would advise the parish council now to speak with the community police to take action as an enforcement issue.”

Coun Davey said: “We are in talks with the Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones about what can be done locally. However, there are limits in finance and manpower.”