Speeding drivers on Sleaford’s streets targeted in new road safety campaign

New Community Speed Watch signs to be installed on Grantham Road. EMN-170410-135749001
New Community Speed Watch signs to be installed on Grantham Road. EMN-170410-135749001

Speeding drivers will be targeted in a new campaign to make Sleaford streets safer.

As a member of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP), Sleaford Town Council has agreed to participate in the Community Speed Watch initiative.

Over the next two weeks, around 25 ‘passive’ speed awareness signs reminding road users of a 30mph limit will be placed on lamp posts on Lincoln Road, East Road, Boston Road, Clay Hill Road, Rookery Avenue, Grantham Road, Town Road Quarrington and Willoughby Road, Greylees.

Two electronic Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) have also been purchased by the council and these will be placed initially on Grantham Road and Willoughby Road, Greylees.

The signs are provided by the LRSP which is jointly run by Lincolnshire Police and Lincolnshire County Council.

Clerk to the Council, Kevin Martin explained: “These devices have been proven to improve speed awareness by informing drivers of the speed they are travelling and encouraging them to slow down. These devices also capture vehicle and speed data which the Town Council can share with the enforcement agencies to provide evidence of speeding hotspots.”

These devices will be rotated on a regular basis between 12 agreed locations around the town and Greylees to maximise their impact.

“The Town Council hopes supporting the Speed Watch initiative will go some way to tackling some of the road safety and speeding issues in the Town,” said Mr Martin.

The council has been pledging to join the scheme, buy and install the signs for the last two years.

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