UPDATE: Gates stuck at Metheringham level crossing now re-opened


Police have been on the scene this morning (Wednesday) diverting traffic after rail level crossing gates failed in Metheringham.

Drivers were being turned back from the crossing on the B1189 Moor Lane at The Moorlands after the gate failure.

The problem was reported just after 7am causing problems for traffic at peak morning rush hour.

A Network Rail spokesman said the signaller reported a fault at 7.10am this morning, the lights were working but the barriers did not come down (the rules are that motorists must stop when the lights sequence starts whether the barriers are down or not – some crossings in even more rural areas don’t have barriers at all).

Since it was upgraded from gates to barriers a few years ago the crossing now works by effectively scanning the road to check there is nothing on the crossing, which means the barriers can then drop. It was the obstacle detection part which failed this morning, according to the spokesman.

He added: “The good news was the fault was fixed fairly quickly, by 7.50am.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by the fault at Blankney level crossing this morning and are looking into the cause.”