Yellow lines to stop estate congestion


Roads within a new housing estate look set to get double yellow lines imposed to deter inconsiderate parking.

Following objections from residents on the growing estate at Greylees, highways officials are proposing ‘no waiting’ restrictions to control on-street parking.

The areas targeted are Balmoral Drive, Pentland Drive, Kinross Road, Gleneagles Drive and Murrayfield Avenue.

Sleaford Town Council’s applications committee backed the scheme on Wednesday. County councillor Mark Allan, for Sleaford, explained residents and emergency services were having access difficulties because of street parking. He said a lot of people parked outside homes instead of using designated parking areas and he had raised the issue with North Kesteven’s planning committee to be mindful of adequate parking provision on future developments. He said: “We need to make sure the planning process is not adding to the problem.”

Coun Trevor Mayfield, a driving instructor, added: “These measures are to do with safety. There are cars parked on roundabouts.”