Travellers pitch up on site for new hospital in Sleaford


Travellers have set up camp on the site for a new hospital in Sleaford.

The developers of the site of the new hospital for private and NHS patients were informed last night (Wednesday) that travellers had set up camp on their off Pride Parkway on Sleaford Enterprise Park .

Work on the land, next to J L Priestley foods factory, is due to start very soon. The hospital would provide minor operations for NHS and private clients and is being developed by a group of seven directors. A hotel and restaurant is proposed to be developed separately next door by a different land owner.

An NKDC spokesman said: “The encampment is on private land. We have offered advice to the landowner and are working with them to resolve the matter.”

According to owners of neighbouring businesses, the group of traveller families with caravans, vans and various vehicles pitched up without permission on the land at about 5.45pm on Wednesday.

One business owner, who did not wish to be named said: “They drove straight over the kerbs and onto the land. My concern is that there is a lot of ragwort growing on that site and there are a number of children playing on it. It is dangerous stuff and harmful. You are supposed to wear gloves when you pull it up.”