‘True fighter’ Evie inspires her mum’s charity efforts

Evie (centre) with her family Lisa and Philip Robbins, Khai, three, (being held) and Miah, five, (right).
Evie (centre) with her family Lisa and Philip Robbins, Khai, three, (being held) and Miah, five, (right).

A brave girl from Sleaford who overcame a life-threatening disease as a toddler has inspired her mum to launch a charity fundraiser.

Evie Robbins spent four days on life support at Nottingham’s Queen Medical Centre (QMC) in March 2008, aged just two, after contracting meningococcal septicaemia.

Evie Robbins on life support.

Evie Robbins on life support.

Initially, the outlook was bleak.

Mum Lisa, 34, of Croft Close, said: “The first night, they told us she would not make it, to prepare for the worst.”

Of hearing such news, she said she ‘couldn’t breath’, that she would have ‘done anything to have swapped places’ with her ‘little angel’.

“It brings a lump to my throat now,” she added.

The disease had struck almost without notice, with a rapid deterioration during the course of the day.

“It all happened so quickly,” said Lisa. “Fever in the morning and by evening on life support.”

Evie did survive the night, however, and would be back home within a week.

Today, that fighting spirit is still on show, with her now being a blue belt in kick-boxing.

Lisa described her as ‘a true fighter’.

She said: “She kept on fighting and then she carried on after that into kick-boxing.”

Evie was born with ear, nose and throat problems and the bout of meningococcal septeceamia is thought to have made those problems more prominent, but she has not fallen poorly again in the same way.

Lisa now wants to raise awareness of the disease and also funds for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

“Evie is living proof that not all meningitis stories have an unhappy ending. We were extremely lucky, but this isn’t the case for many families,” she said.

Lisa has pledged to have her head shaved next week for the foundation, with Evie, nine, set to perform the honours. It will not be an insignificant loss for Lisa, as she explained: “I love my hair. I’m constantly messing about with my hair, cutting it short, having extensions put in, colouring it.”

She has set herself a fundraising target of £1,000 and has already had pledges totalling about £600.

To support her, visit www.justgiving.com/