UPDATE - 10am - straw bale fire expected to burn for seven days

The A15 blocked off at Quarrington last night (Sunday). EMN-141020-101601001
The A15 blocked off at Quarrington last night (Sunday). EMN-141020-101601001

A police spokesperson has said a fire which at its peak saw 12,000 half ton bales of straw ablaze will continue to burn for seven days.

The spokesperson said this morning that the straw stack fire which started at 6pm last night (Sunday) beside the A15 near Quarrington is being treated as arson.

She said: “Fire crews estimate the bales will burn for at least seven days. The A15 between Quarrington and Silk Willoughby will remain closed with diversions in place until 5pm this evening.” The road had been initially closed because of smoke and the need for access by emergency services and the public had been advised to keep doors and windows closed to keep out smoke.

According to a fire service spokesman, at its height last night there were five fire crews and a water carrier from Holbeach in attendance including 22 firefighters. With the blaze under control and no risk to the public it is now being allowed to burn out with three appliances currently remaining on scene to prevent the fire spreading.

Forklifts with tractors and trailers were busy removing another 12,000 unburned bales while the other 12,000 burning bales were being supervised. This was partly the reason for the road to be closed as the spokesman explained: “Only 36 bales can be taken by each trailer at a time.”

The straw was being stock piled to be used by the Eco2 straw burning power station on the other side of Sleaford.

Nick Mountain of land owners M C Mountain and Son said the 10 acre field is rented to Eco2 for storage of the straw for the power station: “Everything else is the power station’s responsibility and control including the tractors and trailers, we have no other involvement.”