UPDATE: Escaped insects have bee-n returned home


A swarm of 100,000 bees which went on the loose yesterday from Hykeham have been returned home.

Lincolnshire Police said that one of their Facebook readers had contacted them to say where the bees were.

The insects were safely returned to their owner with the force saying ‘many thanks’ to those who had helped.

SATURDAY, 4.02pm - A swarm of about 100,000 honey bees has gone on the loose from Hykeham and was last seen heading in the direction of Waddington.

Lincolnshire Police have appealled for anyone who sees the swarm to get in touch as they belong to a bee keeper in Hykeham.

A statement from the force said: “We’ve had a call from a bee keeper in Hykeham who tells us that the heat has caused his honey bees to swarm and were last seen heading towards Waddington.

“Anyone seeing a swarm of bees (there are about 100,000) is asked to contact us on 101 and we’ll inform the owner.”

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