UPDATE: Six suspected illegal immigrants arrested by police near RAF Cranwell are believed to be Iranian

RAF Cranwell EMN-160727-165627001
RAF Cranwell EMN-160727-165627001

Six people, suspected to be illegal immigrants from Iran, have been detained by Lincolnshire Police after being found at the roadside on the A17 near RAF Cranwell.

Miles Green‏ Tweeted on social media that he had contacted the police late last night (Thursday) having seen a fire on the roadside at Byard’s Leap with “around eight people” standing there in masks.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman thanked Mr Green for his call and said in a statement: “We detained six people on behalf of immigration at 11.30pm, on suspicion of illegal entry into the country.”

A Home Office spokesman for HM Visas and Immigration department told The Standard in a statement: “Immigration Enforcement was contacted by Lincolnshire Police at around 4am today (Friday) after police officers attended an incident on the A17 near Cranwell.

“Six people who presented themselves as being from Iran were encountered by police. Two men and one woman are in police custody on suspected immigration offences.

“A family group of three, including two children, were also encountered and are currently in temporary accommodation. The Home Office will progress their cases according to the immigration rules.”

He continued: “Where someone has no right to remain in the UK, we will take action to remove them.”

Immigration Enforcement is an operational directorate within the Home Office responsible for enforcing immigration law.