Village plagued with driving, parking and cycling problems

Crawley Borough Council's free outdoor cinema nights are back
Crawley Borough Council's free outdoor cinema nights are back

Residents and councillors are calling for action against irresponsible drivers and cyclists.

The matter was raised at last Monday’s Heckington Parish Council meeting, with concerns about speed of traffic along Churchill Way, Godson Avenue and Oak Way using it as a ‘rat run’ to avoid the village High Street.

The view of drivers around the curving road is obscured by an electricity substation.

Chairman Coun Jan Palmer feared a serious collision, saying: “When Godson Avenue was extended there was a lot of discussion in the planning committee about putting the pinch points in for that very reason. We have a major speeding problem all over the village and some really bad driving without due care and attention and we have asked our local police to enforce this.”

Problems of people parking across drives was also raised. Coun Palmer added: “We are getting problems with people parking right on the corner of Eastgate and Cameron Street. We had two vans on the footpath and a problem with an ambulance struggling to get through.”

Staggered barriers will be requested after reports of cyclists using the path between Christopher Close and the playing field.

Sgt Rachel Wells, the Community Sergeant for Heckington, has tasked the local team to pay particular attention to the standard of driving and cycling around the village, particularly the ‘rat run’ around Godson Avenue.

She said: “I’m aware these roads are being used to avoid High Street which is causing concern to local residents. We will also be addressing the parking difficulties that are being experienced. We often find that it is people who live in the village that are responsible for both inconsiderate driving, cycling and parking, so I look to the community for support in dealing with these issues.”