Village to get a new conservation area

Silk Willoughby Church. EMN-190927-095857001
Silk Willoughby Church. EMN-190927-095857001

A new conservation area for Silk Willoughby has been recommended by executive board members of North Kesteven District Council.

The new designation will give added protection to older parts of the village and give guidance to planners. The scheme and its appraisals and management plan will now be passed to the full council for final approval.

The draft versions of the Conservation Area were subject to formal public consultation between March 25 and April 22 this year leading to some amendments.

A public exhibition was held at Silk Willoughby village hall, posters were placed around the village and there were copies of the documents with the proposed area boundary and a questionnaire available at various council outlets as well as information in the media.

The district council also wrote to all properties proposed for inclusion within the extended parts of the conservation area.

Silk Willoughby Parish Council raised no comment or objection to the proposals and there was support on the basis that a conservation area would assist the village in retaining some of its architectural heritage and street scape while possibly enhancing it.

Other listed buildings were also recommended for inclusion, while some residents had concerns about added cost for improvements to properties.