‘We were given wrong location of defibrillator’

Phyllis Maddison and granddaughter Deborah. EMN-151123-153647001
Phyllis Maddison and granddaughter Deborah. EMN-151123-153647001

A Sleaford woman says her family was given the wrong location to get potentially life-saving equipment to help her grandmother.

Phyllis Maddison, of Hussey Close, Sleaford, died aged 93 on Friday, November 13.

Granddaughter Deborah Maddison, 29, of Leasingham, told The Standard that her mum, Audrey, had been visiting when her grandmother began to have heart problems.

She said: “Mum called for an ambulance and the call centre told my mum there was a defibrillator at the Sleaford Leisure Centre, but when she got there she realised there wasn’t.

“They definitely said the leisure centre and my Mum didn’t know there was one at the recreation ground on Boston Road. She just did as she was told,” she said.

“Unfortunately, my grandmother died. It (the defibrillator) could have helped, it might not, but there wasn’t one there.”

She said: “Hopefully the correct information will be passed on in future by operators.”

Steve Pratten, community response manager for East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), said he could not comment on this case at this stage, but added he would be formally investigating it.

Deborah, who works as a baker for Greggs and trains at the leisure centre, is joining a number of people calling themselves Team SLC who plan to do an eight-mile mud run with obstacles called Airfield Anarchy Frostbite at Newark airfield in February, raising money to buy a defibrillator to be installed at the leisure centre, which bosses have agreed to accommodate. Go to: crowdfunding.justgiving.com/TEAMSLC