Environment Agency to carry out emergency strengthening of banks tonight (Wednesday) along the River Skirth between North Kyme and Billinghay

Environment Agency news.
Environment Agency news.

With more heavy rainfall expected over the next two days, Environment Agency teams are carrying out emergency reinforcement work on a stretch of the banks along the Billinghay Skirth to reduce the risk of flooding.

This is alongside the A153 and part of the A153 between Billinghay and North Kyme will be partially closed with traffic lights in place overnight (Wednesday/Thursday) to allow work to continue.

The work is precautionary after Environment Agency inspections found that the bank has been damaged by high flows as a result of the ongoing wet weather. It will involve around 6,000 sandbags along a 100-metre stretch of bank.

Over the last couple of weeks motorists have had to contend with regular flooding of the A153 at that point from water seeping through the river bank.

With further rainfall predicted over the next several days, officers will be closely monitoring conditions around the clock and are ready to take immediate action as needed, such as issuing flood alerts and warnings.

Lincolnshire had twice the usual monthly rainfall for September, and nearly two and a half times the average for October.

A flood alert is now in force for minor watercourses in North Kesteven meaning flooding is possible and households should be prepared.

The forecast is for further heavy, persistent and slow-moving rain to affect the east of the country from Thursday and through the weekend. While it is difficult to predict exactly how much rain will fall and where, we may see some flooding impacts from river and surface-water, said the statement.

Recent heavy rain over the last week or so caused the watercourses in the North Kesteven catchment to rise. These watercourses are fed by groundwater sources, which means they will remain high for many days or even weeks after the rain has stopped.

There will be some continued flooding of low lying land and roads close to the watercourses feeding into the River Witham and tributaries. The forecast for the next few days remains unsettled including potential persistent rain during Thursday 7th November. This will keep river levels high.

You are advised to avoid using low lying footpaths near local watercourses, and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded. This message will be updated on Thursday morning, or as the situation changes.

The advice is:

* Check your flood risk and sign up to receive free flood warnings by calling 0345 988 1188 or visiting www.gov.uk/flood.

* Stay up to date with the latest flood alerts and warnings on the website: www.gov.uk/flood. They are updated every 15 minutes.

* Do not drive through flood water – just 30cm is enough to move your car and risk your safety.

* Stay tuned to local news for updates and follow on Twitter: @EnvAgencyMids