Staying warm and saving money

NKDC offices EMN-190322-165529001
NKDC offices EMN-190322-165529001

With winter now here, North Kesteven District Council has published some tips on how residents can keep warm and save money, while also cutting their environment impact, as they wait for temperatures to climb again.

Under ‘keeping warm’, advice includes:

n Closing curtains as early as possible (or putting some up if the home does not have them, using thick, lined varieties).

n Eliminating draughts.

n Closing room doors.

Under ‘saving money, it suggests:

n Not using the thermonstat as an on/off switch for heating, but setting it so the heating is only on when needed.

n A temperature of 18 degrees is appropriate for someone fit and healthy, 18-21 if they find it harder to keep warm.

n Not leaving the heating on for pets – they can keep warmer at lower temperatures than people.