Weight loss ‘changed my life’

Lucie after her weight loss EMN-160512-114533001
Lucie after her weight loss EMN-160512-114533001

A Sleaford woman has spoken of her weight loss journey and the obstacles she has faced.

Lucie Hastie, 36, lives near Sleaford with husband Gary and their three children.

Lucie before the weight loss EMN-160512-114018001

Lucie before the weight loss EMN-160512-114018001

In 2000, Lucie was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes irregular periods, excess male hormones and enlarged ovaries. She was also diagnosed with insulin resistance.

Lucie fell pregnant in 2003 but, at the 12-week scan, discovered she had miscarried. “It felt like my heart had been ripped from my chest,” she said.

Following the miscarriage, Lucie spiralled into depression and went from 12 stone to more than 19 stone in six months.

A holiday to the Dominican Republic and dysentery helped Lucie realise the extent of her health problems.

Lucie had to seek medical assistance, with doctors recommending that she should go to hospital due to her high blood pressure.

With her father having died in 2000 from a heart attack, Lucie told herself ‘You are going to end up like your dad’.

After 18 months of yo-yo dieting, a visit to the fertility clinic confirmed Lucie had to lose weight before trying for a baby.

Lucie tried a variety of weight loss plans in a bid to get back on track.

Four years later, there was still no baby, and Lucie came to accept it might not happen.

Lucie threw herself into a new job and, three months later, discovered she was pregnant with a girl.

Her new-born was difficult at times and this resulted in depression.

A Cambridge Weight Plan consultant helped Lucie to lose weight, but she then found out she was pregnant again.

This pregnancy saw Lucie gain four-and-a-half stone, weighing in at 17 stone. Lucie said: “By the time I had two children, I knew I didn’t want to be here again. This was my time.”

Lucie set herself a goal weight of 12 stone, and got down to 13 stone.

The family moved to Lincolnshire in November 2013, and three months later Lucie started her diet with Dionne. Lucie lost a couple of stone but fell pregnant for a third time.

Following the birth, Lucie started again with Cambridge Weight Plan and is now seven pounds shy of her goal weight.

Earlier this year, Lucie completed training to become a Cambridge Weight Plan consultant. Since June, 25 clients have been taking their weight loss journey with her.

Lucie said: “If I can do it, other people can do it. I want to help other people like me.”