Christmas greeting - North Kesteven District Council

Chairman of North Kesteven District Council Coun Lance Pennell. EMN-141218-143332001
Chairman of North Kesteven District Council Coun Lance Pennell. EMN-141218-143332001

Chairman of North Kesteven District Council, Coun Lance Pennell

During my year as chairman of North Kesteven District Council it is my privilege to represent the council and its residents, throughout the district and further afield.

I never cease to be struck by the depth of community spirit that forms such a solid foundation to life in our towns, villages, neighbourhoods, businesses, schools and homes. This was particularly evident during the judging of this past year’s NK Community Champion Awards, but of course it shines ever more brightly at Christmas time when good will brings family, friends and communities more closely together. I am always aware of the vast numbers of people working quietly, tirelessly and often voluntarily behind the scenes, as much as in the public eye, to ensure that life ticks along. This is especially so at Christmas when bins still need to be emptied, babies need to be born, housing found for people in crisis, roads kept free of ice and medical support provided.

With many people working and on-call over Christmas it is important to remember that this is not a holiday for everyone and my grateful thanks are extended to them all, especially for the work they do in ensuring our communities remain safe and well provided for.

In particular, I will be remembering the crew of the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance, my designated charity for the year, and all those who help to keep it in the air.

I thank everyone in our district who puts themselves out for the welfare of others and implore those who can, to keep an eye out for neighbours and others in our communities who may be in need of a little help this Christmas time; whether it be in collecting groceries, clearing snow from paths or just a few minutes of conversation.

Please also remember that the district council has many services to help people in need and in crisis at anytime, not least the Winter Wellbeing partnership bringing good cheer, essential food and welfare directly to those in greatest need in the coldest weather.

Let’s all do our bit to spread a bit of Christmas cheer and carry that consideration forward with us into 2015. With best wishes for a happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year to all.