Letter: In praise of parish clerks


Beavering away at the heart of our village communities is the parish clerk.

A true servant of public office, the clerk is absolved of responsibility for decisions, that weight being shouldered by the elected members, led by their chairperson.

Yet, the clerk is critical in the success of any parish council. They gain an enviable network of contacts, become knowledgeable in where to seek assistance on almost any issue and fearless in their tactful and determined letter writing to galvanise authorities to action.

The parish clerk also forms a warm and efficient heart to the parish council, being a key point of sanity and clarity for the village, as pressures and threats are averted and opportunities blossom to bring huge improvements to people’s lives.

As an elected district and county councillor, I am pleased to support the parish councils wherever possible and we work together to be the representative force our villages need.

We do not achieve anything on our own. If we are to succeed, we need each player to do their part. We know how important it is for local democracy that parish councils work efficiently and effectively for their immediate communities, as well as the real role they play in supporting and providing information for district and county councillors.

It is when working together that we achieve so much for our communities. Do you know anyone who might like to help our villages as a parish clerk?

Clerks are paid, though it is part-time and admittedly many often choose to be generous with their time for the sake of our villages.

There are positions currently available at Harmston and Welbourn Parish Councils. Please enquire to: Dr Frances Mannsaker, of Harmston, on 01522 723651 or 07792 105 752, or Rod Storer or Malcolm McBeath, of Welbourn, email: abujamesjustin@yahoo.com 01400 279027

Coun Marianne Overton

Lincolnshire county councillor and North Kesteven district councillor.