We lost good councillors

We had a huge turnout at the polling booths last Thursday as people took up their power to vote, with turnouts as high as 80 per cent in some polling stations.

In particular, I would like to thank all those people who voted for Lincolnshire Independents on Thursday. We lost one and gained three seats.

Although getting plenty of votes, our first-past-the-post system meant that Independents were squeezed.

The presidential-style TV debates led to a rush to vote, not so much for anyone, but more to keep the SNP out of running the country. Funny thing, but I couldn’t find SNP on my ballot paper so wasn’t able to vote them in or out.

Many people did spot the value in voting for sound local representatives, which was where our members thrive.

We fought a big campaign, supporting more candidates than ever before and five MPs, though without the relentless TV coverage.

With fair coverage nationally, as in the police and crime commissioner elections, Independents do really well.

Over the whole country, the Independent group of councillors retained 10 per cent of the vote, making us the third largest group.

The majority of our group are Independent, with three per cent UKIP, 1.3 per cent Green and Plaid Cymru.

We lost some very good experienced councillors and I salute them and thank them for the tremendous contributions, over many years in some cases.

We look forward to working hard in our new councils and to four years of sound support for our residents. Thank you.

Coun M Overton

Via email

Thank you for trusting me

I would like to thank all the residents who voted for me in the Westholme ward of the Sleaford district and town council election.

I am very touched by their trust in my ability to represent them.

Although I wasn’t successful in the district election, I will continue as a town councillor.

I will do my best to keep them at the forefront of my mind when involved in decision-making in the council chamber.

I will also endeavour to resolve any problems brought to me.

H K Lorimer

Grantham Road


What an utter waste of money

Would somebody care to explain the reasoning behind the waste of public money in erecting the toilet blocks at the allotments, especially as there is no funding for toilets in the middle of the town where they would be of more use.

Geoff Borrill

Via email