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Food bank

Your local community larder grateful for support

The New Life Community Larder team would like to thank the people of Sleaford and the surrounding areas for their continued support and generosity over 2014.

The generosity shown through harvest festivals and Christmas donations has been overwhelming.

A record amount of individuals and businesses have got behind the work of the foodbank over 2014. The Community Larder has always maintained the motto ‘By the community… for the community’ and support over 2014 has proven this really is true.

By the end of November, the Community Larder had supported over 1,200 people this year, an eight per cent increase from 2013. With numbers expected to rise still further over 2015, the generosity seen will provide a great basis to work from.

Anna Maltby,

Project leader, New Life 
Community Larder, Sleaford.


Opposed to multi-academy status change at town school

The end of our small selective grammar (school) is approaching - this is the thin end of the wedge and the outplay could be very dramatic especially if a different government is elected in next year.

The formation of a multi-academy will spread the butter too thinly. The cream of the crop in terms of teachers will eventually be lost to the underachieving schools which they say this will help.

For those of you who send your children here and like the small numbers, the excellent teaching and the concentrated effort that is given to improve your children’s education be aware that this is not the way to achieve this.

Stand up and say no. The consultation coincides with Christmas when parents are too busy to have time to focus on this and the school is shut for answers leaving a scant three weeks. It does not put children’s interests first at all - or yours.

Gini Dellow,

(Via Facebook)

Dance Factor

Recruiting for Dance Factor - could you be right for team?

Following their successful bid to win £48,500 from ITV’s The Peoples Millions in November, Dance Factor Lincolnshire are seeking dance teachers and a producer to allow them to roll the project out across Lincolnshire from February 2015.

The People’s Millions funding will allow Dance Factor to expand the project to span seven districts and engage more than 750 young people in dance. The project will take dance into local communities providing 11- 18 year olds with free evening street dance sessions which culminate in various semi-finals and a Grand Final showcase event in May.

The project requires a number of passionate and enthusiastic dance teachers and/or dance schools to help with delivery of the street dance sessions for participants. There is also the opportunity for someone with an interest in teaching dance that lacks experience, or has no experience of teaching street dance to join the project, as training for the suitable candidate could be made available. A producer is required to support the planning, running and management of the semi-finals and the grand final event.

The deadline for both opportunities is Friday, January 9. To find out more and download application forms visit the Register Me page on Dance Factor Lincolnshire’s website:

Young people can also register their interest in being involved. For more information contact Tel: 07851810950.

Charlotte Pedley,


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