Your letters: CPO = slower journeys in Sleaford. Is that what people want?


So, our district council has finally issued CPOs (Compulsory Purchase Orders) against Sleaford residents and the Town Council.

They claim closing the Southgate railway crossing and cutting a link road through our Recreation Ground are necessary to regenerate the town. They are also pinning their hopes on Tesco building a new superstore.

Much debate has rightly been focused on the recreation ground; but closure of the Southgate crossing will have sweeping implications too.

According to the district council, if their plans are implemented, we can all expect even slower journey times through town. But these will be more ‘predictable’. I don’t find that prospect reassuring. Also, closure of the crossing will have major implications for many other roads including Mareham Lane, Castle Causeway, King Edward Street, Westgate and Westbanks and all side streets leading to them. Many will degenerate into even greater ‘rat runs’ for drivers trying to traverse the town. And the anticipated parking restrictions will lead to a drastic reduction in who can park there. Combine this with numerous delivery lorries driving down Grantham Road and Mareham Lane during the ‘quiet’ hours, and this makes this whole proposal nonsensical. All-bar-one of Sleaford’s district councillors voted to stop this happening, but NKDC have chosen to ignore them.

Time is now running out for Sleafordians to stop this happening. You don’t have to be anti-progress. But ill thought through plans that do not attempt to deal with the broader implications of their imposition is not progress at all.

If you are against the closure of Southgate rail crossing or the link road through the Rec, and the impact this will have on Sleaford, then you need to register your objection now. Please visit: to do this. The deadline to object is only a few weeks away.

Mr S. Clegg,

Westgate, Sleaford.