New Town boss starts plans for next season

Sleaford Town FC

THE old season may be barely forgotten as the new season plans unfold.

It is understood that squad building is already well under way at Sleaford Town, both in terms of quantity and quality.

New manager Glen Maddison has the knack of attracting and keeping players and there is little doubt that a number of those loyal men, who have followed him through a number of clubs, will wish to follow him to Sleaford.

A typical example is midfielder Nick Bishop, who has already stated his intention to return to Eslaforde where he had half a season two years ago.

Naturally cautious at this stage, Maddison said: “It all seems to be heading in the right direction but until players actually sign on the dotted line it is little more than speculation. However, some of my target players are honest guys and, like Nick Bishop, are expected to come along.”

Defender Joe Braithwaite, who won all three player awards at the end of the season, will be a key man for the new squad. However, Maddison may have a fight to keep this defender as there will certainly be cash offers thrown in the player’s direction.

Also key to this new season’s squad and its success will be skipper Shaun Popple. Maddison will surely continue with Popple in this key role, into which he grew as the season progressed.

We all have our own opinions about players and their worth but it is my view that Shaun Popple is vital both as player and skipper. He had a successful spell with Grantham Town, so already he could claim experience at a level much higher than anything seen at Sleaford recently and certainly much higher than anyone coming from the Lincolnshire League. He is also a very personable young man.

Those of us who are passionate about this football club can only wish the new man all the very best in his difficult new role.

It is said that the key to success is to follow a failure. Glen Maddison does not have that luxury, for although Brian Rowland’s last couple of years proved difficult, he can put up his feet and relax in the knowledge that he has been the most successful ever manager at county level.