Going for Euro gold

Kuk Sool Won members show off their medals.
Kuk Sool Won members show off their medals.

Eighteen competitors from Sleaford took part in the Kuk Sool Won European Championships at Norwich earlier this month.

The event attracted more than 1,000 martial artists from Kuk Sool Won schools from across four different continents.

The 18 participants from Kuk Sool Won of Sleaford entered 55 divisions - and won a total of 29 medals, including five gold.

The team comprised Bradley Johnson, Bruce Atherton, Megan Atherton, Guy Shirley, Oliver Shirley, Lela Kendall, Theodore Berry, Henrique Pereira, Grace Taylor, Rosa Badham-Moore, Albert Green, Jacklyn Slack, Eleanor Slack, Brandon Johnson, Darcey Hughes, Francesca Cocks, Myles Capon and Nathaniel Bennett.

Mother and daughter Jackie and Eleanor Slack won seven medals between them, three of which were gold.

Other gold medallists included Francesca Cocks and Rosa Badham-Moore, who performed outstandingly in their sparring event having been training for less than six months.

Instructor Master Keith Slack said: “It is not all about winning medals.

“Putting yourself into a competition environment, getting onto the mat and doing your best is the most important part, as this builds confidence and overall ability.”

This year was particularly memorable because it was the 60th anniversary celebration of the founding of Kuk Sool Won by the Grandmaster Kuk Sa Nim, although the origins of the martial art are thousands of years old.

At the end of the tournament there were exhibitions and demonstrations, including the World Kuk Sool Association (WKSA) demonstration team from South Korea.

They who provided a thrilling demonstration of archery, weapons, traditional Korean culture and techniques as part of a tour of Great Britain.

Martial art classes for ages four and over are held at the Sleaford Leisure Centre.

For more information, see the Kuk Sool Won of Sleaford Facebook site, www.kuksoolwon.com or email sleafordkuksoolwon@outlook.com.

The club was established a year-and-a-half ago and is currently taking on new members.