A close start to the new season

THE first game of the new indoor season for the Over 60s saw a close game against Louth at Sleaford, with Sleaford just losing 92 - 99.

D Chandley and his set of R Workman, T Thackray and T Harding kept ahead until dropping a six in the 16th end and did not recover to go down 15 - 24.

D Stobart, with C Faria, P Bacon and L Davies dropped an eight early on and failed to make amends mid-game to lose out 13 - 25.

A Bristow’s set of G Chamberlain, C Grosse and R Pearson had the better of a close game running out winners at 19 - 18.

M Wareham, with J Baker, J Thomas and D Barr also had a close finish after leading by ten shots on the 13th end and held on to win 22 - 19.

T Stanley, with P Annison, K Dye and G Johnson took a commanding lead and never looked in danger, running out clear winners at 23 - 13.