A win over top team for Indoor Bowls Club

Bowls news.
Bowls news.

Sleaford Indoor Bowls Club’s Trudy Bates Team hosted Scunthorpe and returned a convincing win 126 – 86 over the top team in the top division.

Kath Lake’s rink of Gloria Davies, Heather Duffy and Helen Quirke led all the way to a comfortable 26 – 23 win. Rhoda Wing, with Pat Rands, Steph Collin and Sheila Pratt finished with a magnificent 5 to win 22 – 14. Gillian Turner’s rink, with Jackie Wareham, Barbara Barnes and Joan Gilbert came from 10 down to take the lead but lost out 23 – 24. Joss Bannister, with Monica Law, Monica Dabbs and Margaret McKie took a 19 - 0 lead winning by a convincing margin, 30 – 13.

Gill Dwyer led her rink of Carole Richardson, Carol Wallis and Linda Wills recorded a marvellous win 25 – 12.

Meanwhile, the Over 60’s also had a good win away to rivals Long Sutton by 120 – 97 and 10 valuable points to retain third spot in their division.

D Chandley, with D Hocking, R Workman and P Lowder came from behind with a truly remarkable hot shot on the penultimate end to run out winners 27 – 16. T Stanley, with Fred Collin, T Curran and L Davies lost out 14 – 26. C Bradley’s set of P Annison, J Thomas and H Spencer continued to score almost at will, convincing winners at 26 – 10. A Bristow, with R Barnes, T Thackray and R Pearson took a good win at 29 – 19. D Stobart’s rink of K Dowling, P Bacon and C Grosse seemed to have it sewn up, but went down 24 – 26.